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Natha Web Links:

AKHIL BHARATVARSHIYA BHESH BARAH PANTH YOGI MAHASABHA website (Haridwar). Also contains the list of Publications which could be acquired from Goraksh Nath Temple (Dalicha) Haridwar.

Amrit Nath Ashram (in English); in Hindi (the establishment of the Natha Yogis in Rajasthan).

Goraksh Nath ji  website about Goraksh Nath by Amrit Nath Ashram.

Shraddha Nath Ashram web site (the establishment of the Natha Yogis in Rajasthan); other website in Hindi.

Natha Blogs:

Natha Web Links (blog by Yogendra Nath) contains lot of the Natha related materials and links to the different Natha related places on the web at one place.

Natha blog by Yogendra Nath ji (video)

Natha blog in France (in French)

Natha blog in Brasil (in Portuguese)

The blog of the Natha Yogi Seva Nath ji (Gujrat) with numerous pictures of the life of the Natha Yogis.
The Literature:

Philosophy of Goraksh Nath  Very good book introducing the teaching of Guru Goraksh Nath, written by Akshay Kumar Banerjea, Ex-Principal of the Maharana Pratap Degree College, Gorakhpur, who was the disciple of the distinguished Natha Yogi, Mahant of the Goraksh Nath Temple of Gorakhpur, Gambhir-nath ji.


नाथ-योग (in Hindi) Short introduction to the Natha Tradition by Akshay Kumar Banerjea.

Goraksha Paddhati (link) Sanskrit+Hindi Translation (PDF)

Hatha Yoga Pradipika Sanskrit+diacritics+English translation at the www.sacred texts.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika (partially translated) and some other texts related to yoga with Sanskrit to English translation word by word.

MASTERS OF MAGICAL POWERS: THE NATH SIDDHAS IN THE LIGHT OF ESOTERIC NOTIONS, the thesis by. GORDAN DJURDJEVIC. B.A., (also includes complete English translation of Goraksh Bani). The file is in downloadable and searchable PDF format.

Kaula Jnana Nirnaya and some minor texts of the school of Matsendranatha by P.C.Bagcchi (Scribd).

A Carnival of Parting, The Tales of King Bharthari and King Gopi Chand as Sung and Told by Madhu Natisar Nath of Ghatiyali, Rajasthan. Translated with an Introduction and Afterword by ANN GRODZINS GOLD.

The Legends of Punjab volume 1 (Contains the folk stories of Raja Rasalu and Guru Guga). Pdf
file (right click, save as).

The Legends of Punjab volume 2 (Contains the folk stories of Raja Gopi Chand, Puran Bhagat
and Hir-Ranja). Pdf file (right click, save as).

Heer-Ranja by Waris Shah (pdf file)

History, text and context of the the Yoga Upanishads  (Scribd).

Thirty Minor Upanishads translated by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar at sacred texts.com

108 Upanishads translated by Dr. A.G.Krishna Warrier

Muktabodha Digital Library, amongst other books, most of which related to the Kashmiri Shaivism and various Tantras, has few books related to the Natha Tradition. All texts are in the different digital formats of Sanskrit input, no English translations available.

The Library of the Digital Corpus of Sanskrit contains few books in Unicode diacritics encoding, related to Rasayana and Yoga.

The Digital Library of India contain few books directly and indirectly related to the Natha Tradition, which could be downloaded with the help of DLI Downloader. (some keywords: taranath, gorakh, matsyendra, doha kosha, yogis, goraksh)

Virtual E-text Archive

Nath Sampradaya the book by Hajariprasad Dvivedi (Hindi).

Nath Siddho ki Rachanae the book by Hajariprasad Dvivedi (Hindi).

Gorakh Bani, the complete text with the Hindi translation

Gorakh Bodh (Hindi)

Goraksh Darshan (the Hindi translation of Philosophy of Goraksh Nath).

The Article What should Minnath do?

Padmavat (पद्मावत / मलिक मोहम्मद जायसी) by Malik Mohammad Jayasi, the book contains few mentions of Guru Goraksh Nath and his teaching. Another Link + Introduction. जोगी खंड of पद्मावत + अखरावट (the separate work of the same author about the Siddha Yoga).

The works of the Indian Saint Dadu, who was strongly influenced by the Teaching of the Guru Gorakh Nath, are of considerable interest for the researchers about the Natha Tradition: दादू ग्रंथावली 1, दादू ग्रंथावली 2, दादू ग्रंथावली शब्दार्थ (dictionary).


The Southern Indian Siddha Tradition:

The Baba Matsyendra Nath and Guru Gorakh Nath were instrumental in the spreading Shiva Shakta teaching (as the Union of Chandra-Surya) in the various regions of the Southern India, in different formats, by converting kings to Shaivism, by constructing temples, and by spreading written sources. Duty this reason, the teaching of the Southern Indian Siddhas (many of which were belonging to the Natha Sampradaya), represent considerable interest for understanding various aspects of the Siddha Siddhanta of the Natha Tradition.

Bhagvat Gita USA (collection of various souses related to the Shaiva and Shakta Traditions, along with few works of the Southern Indian Mahasiddhas).

Pancha Bhoota Temples

The Temple of the Dancing Shiva

Chidambaram Temple

Chidambaram Temple photo

Various topics related to the Natha Tradition (Vajrayana and Shiva Shakta)

Places and Events

Goraksh Tila Jhelum

In accordance with the lokal spoken tradition prevalent in the Karnataka State, the Aihole was the place where Parsurama has finally washed his axe.  Ravana Phadi Cave Temple Aihole

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