Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shiva Yoga Darpana

Shiva Yoga Darpana

The name of this work means ‘The Reflection (or mirror) of Shiva Yoga’. The work is short, consisting only from 26 verses; it seems that the author of the manuscript has made it for the daily reference purposes, by selecting only that which appeared to him as the most essential knowledge. There are at least few verses similar to that of HYP, and some other works, probably the work was written as the compilation or summary from few different scriptures. There is no traditional salutation to the Deity in the beginning of the work, and the mention of the author’s name at its end is also absent.

bhruvormadhye śivasthānaṁ manastatra vilīyate |
jñātarvya tad padaṁ divyaṁ tatra kalo na vidyate  SYS|| 1 ||

SYS 1.1 In the middle of eyebrows, there is the seat of Shiva, where the mind should be absorbed. This marvelous state, which is beyond of the effects of time has to be known (trough own experience).

sūryacandramasormadhye mudrāṁ dadyācca khecarīm |
nirrālmbe mahāśūnye brahmacakraṁ vyavasthitam  SYS || 2 ||

SYS 1.2 From the performance of the khechri mudra in between of Surya and Chandra, one experiences the support less space (the Great Nonexistence) and becomes established in the Brahma Chakra.

lakṣaikalagne manasi hymanaskaṁ prajāyate |
amanaske tu sañjāte svarupaṁ samprajāyate SYS || 26 ||

SYS 1.26 The mind should be directed towards the only one aim, which is the establishment of the mind in the unmani state (cessation of the mind). When this condition has been attained, one experiences one’s own true form (svarupa samprajāyate).

In the book presented some of the advanced Natha practices, and found mention of Raja, Hatha, Taraka, and Amanaska yogas. Difficult to say if this work was composed by the Guru Gorakhnath himself, but the overall quality of the work makes it appear as being written by some enlightened Natha Yogi.